Economic Partnership A Natural Fit For Missouri & U.K.

Missouri and the U.K. are natural economic partners. Don’t believe me? Ask Missouri Partnership’s Vice President of Market Strategies and U.K. native, Mark Sutherland.

In a recent article he wrote, “For Missouri companies, the U.K. is a natural launching point into Europe. Vice versa, for British companies, entering the US through Missouri, just makes sense. From a competitive cost of doing business, to connections to anywhere, to shared business sectors, to talent, to innovation, to a phenomenal work ethic, the Brits and Missourians are rather similar to each other, despite being separated by a common language.”

In May of this year Missouri Partnership will be participating in the British-American Business Council Transatlantic Conference to build on the economic connections between the U.K. and Missouri.

Check out Mark Sutherland’s full article here, or contact us for more information on why Missouri is the best place for businesses to grow.