Dennis Pruitt on Realtime Real Estate Podcast

Dennis Pruitt, Vice President of Business Development for Missouri Partnership was a guest on Realtime Real Estate with Charlie Hinderliter, SVP of Government Affairs for St. Louis REALTORS® and Jim Alexander, Vice President of Gundaker Commercial Group. Part two of the two part episode is now available.

During part one of the two-part episode, “Community – A Conversation about Economic Development,” they discuss economic development as the process of increasing prosperity for all Missourians through attracting companies to the state and supporting existing ones. They emphasize the importance of teamwork and collaboration between various economic development organizations, local governments, and real estate professionals in the process.

Dennis addresses common misconceptions about economic development, clarifying that the goal is not to steal businesses from other states, but to help growing businesses looking to expand and that Missouri Partnership works on projects both large and small. He also shares that the process is much more than a real estate transaction; it involves identifying a good fit between companies and the communities they choose to invest in.

In part two, the conversation covers the ‘give-give’ relationship between realtors and economic developers, the key role of data in competing for projects, and how people can get more involved in economic development within their community. Dennis also talks about recent trends in project size and sector.

Listen to part one here.

Listen to part two here.

Realtime Real Estate is St. Louis’ real estate podcast by St. Louis REALTORS®. Missouri Partnership works with Missouri REALTORS and the National Association of REALTORS on business attraction initiatives.