Companies Continue To See Record Growth In Missouri

Companies across Missouri are continuing to see growth in the field of advanced manufacturing, agtech, logistics and more. Missouri employers added 3,500 jobs in February, on a seasonally adjusted basis, and the state’s unemployment rate decreased to 4.1 percent, according to the Missouri Department of Economic Development.

Over the past year, payroll employment has grown by 54,000 jobs in Missouri, and the unemployment rate has now been below the national rate for 23 consecutive months. This is in part due to the highly skilled talent pool available to companies moving to, and growing in Missouri.

With many world-class universities, technical and community colleges churning out new, available and highly skilled talent, as well as companies such as LaunchCode and Claim Academy working to fill in the talent gaps, Missouri has set its sights on continuing to train and produce the type of workforce that can meet the demands of today’s economy, and fill the demands of new companies coming to our state.

The increase in employment numbers comes as more and more companies are finding Missouri as the best place for their business.

Nestlé U.S., Trans-Lux, Spartan Fleet Vehicles and Services, Code Koalas and AutoAlert are just a few of the companies to expand in, or move to, Missouri in the last month brining with them hundreds of jobs for Missouri talent to fill.

It is that same Missouri talent that continues to attract new and exciting companies to Missouri. Missouri talent builds everything from F/A -18 fighter jets to the award winning Ford F-150s. Missourians are on the cutting edge of innovation in the fields of agtech and health innovation, and with Missouri’s location at the center of the country our talent makes sure that every Missouri company’s goods get where they need to go quickly and are of the highest quality.

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