Communications Business Says Missouri Provides Perfect Platform for Post-Pandemic Growth

Textel Inc, a cloud-based communications company helping businesses communicate with customers more simply through text messaging systems, has been experiencing rapid growth the last few years due to changes in consumer habits during the pandemic.

James Diel, Chief Executive Officer of Textel Inc, shared with us his thoughts about the changes as well as opportunities of growth.

“The pandemic, specifically the periods of quarantine, drove us all apart for a time. But it also created a craving for people to find other ways of connecting. Texting is the most available and ubiquitous mode of communication today. Businesses are making increasing use of it, and Textel is very happy to help. Whether they choose to use the Textel web application or integrate with their existing systems, businesses can now offer dynamic communications over the channel customers most want to use.”

James Diel, CEO

According to Diel, St. Louis, Missouri, was perfect for their modern business because it brought together wide-ranging benefits. An extremely pro-business climate has created an environment for companies to operate and grow. There’s ready access to plenty of investment capital and Missouri’s relatively low cost of living means that capital can be used most efficiently.

“The favorable environment, availability of resources, and the freedom to operate efficiently, make Missouri an ideal location for business and continuous growth,” said Diel.

Self-service and automation via texting have been critical in managing the widespread rise in customer calls to businesses during the worst of the pandemic.

“For one of our customers, the State of Michigan, we helped them recover when their call volumes skyrocketed to over 1 million. By offering automated options in their interactive voice response messaging, they were able to send over 800,000 messages within three weeks. Their callers overwhelmingly confirmed texting and self-service were their preferences,” said Diel.

Diel also shared that Textel is just one of many companies that have benefitted from expanding in Missouri.

“There’s a deep spirit of cooperation, whether that’s from the large and growing number of dedicated business support organizations or other companies already established here. I’d urge entrepreneurs to take advantage of this. Reach out, make connections, and ask for advice. People will likely be very willing to share their experience, help navigate intricate processes, or just get together to bounce some ideas around,” said Diel.