CEO Insights: Q&A With Missouri Partnership CEO Subash Alias

Missouri Partnership CEO, Subash Alias, recently sat down with Business Facilities for a Q&A on why companies should invest in Missouri. Check out the full article here.

Headshot of Subash Alias

Q: Why should companies consider Missouri at this point?

A: The opportunities are endless in Missouri—from the state’s low business costs to its location in the center of North America, Missouri is extremely appealing to businesses around the world.

Workforce is top of mind for every company right now, and Missouri is first in the nation for on-the-job training and second in the U.S. for most completed apprenticeships. Businesses can operate in Missouri at a much lower cost than in other states. Additionally, Missouri has the third lowest corporate income tax index in the U.S., and real estate is available and affordable.

Missouri is often the first U.S. location for international companies expanding into the U.S. market. In fact, Missouri had the third fastest foreign direct investment employment growth in the U.S. and is home to 700+ international companies from 41 different countries.

Q: Can you share some recent success stories?

A: Missouri is celebrating exciting new investments from global companies in every corner of the state. In Missouri Northeast, Verde Resources—a commercial producer and wholesaler of regenerative compost—just announced a $5.6 million investment to establish a facility capable of processing 100 tons of organic bio-waste per day which will significantly reduce greenhouse gases produced in the dairy and livestock industries. The company uses cutting-edge technology which will bolster the state’s position as a leader in agriculture, a $94 billion industry in the state.

Deli Star just cut the ribbon on a new food facility in St. Louis, investing nearly $100 million in the region. In Kansas City, online pet retailer Chewy recently opened its $143 million distribution center.

Q: What are the new programs/initiatives geared toward economic development?

A: Missouri is prioritizing investment in broadband improvements at unprecedented levels to ensure companies and talent are connected. With remote work increasing, the state is committed to this initiative.

Workforce development remains a priority for the state. Hands-on training is crucial, and with the state ranking first in the U.S. for on-the-job training, it’s evident that Missouri’s efforts to develop and train a skilled workforce are paying off.

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