Verde Resources Invests In La Belle, Missouri

Verde Resources, Inc., a commercial producer and wholesaler of regenerative compost, announced today that it will establish a processing and packaging facility in La Belle, investing more than $5.6 million and ... Read More

Missouri Selected for New Ice Cream Manufacturing Facility

Ice Cream Factory, an Eldon, Missouri-based ice cream manufacturer, recently announced plans to invest in a new manufacturing facility in Lebanon, Missouri. Ice Cream Factory will invest $9 million and create ... Read More

Post REAP Recap

The virtual REAP Conference 2021, held on November 10, 2021, was an excellent opportunity to take stock of the latest innovations in agriculture and what the future holds for the sector. ... Read More

NPR’s Journeys of Discovery Visits Missouri Northeast – Episode 5: Savoring Fun-Time Wine & Live Repertory Theatre in Macon

Missouri Northeast is a great place for companies that are looking to grow, make, move, or connect. The region is so unique and innovative that it piqued the interest of award-winning ... Read More

Food Solutions Company Announces New Packaging Facility in St. Louis, Missouri

8th Avenue Food & Provisions Inc., a maker of fruit, nuts, and pasta products, recently announced plans to build a new packaging plant in St. Louis, Missouri. The new 250,000 square ... Read More

Food Solutions Company Invests in St. Louis, Missouri

Israel Chemicals Ltd. (ICL), a global specialty-minerals company, recently opened a new $18 million production facility focused on producing plant-based substitutes that look and taste like meat in St. Louis, Missouri. ... Read More

How digitalization is transforming the food and beverage manufacturing industry

It is time to digitalize Food and beverage (F&B) manufacturing, like all manufacturing, is becoming smarter and more efficient, and one of the key reasons for this is the increasing use ... Read More

#MoreMissouri21: Ostara Selects Missouri for Growth, $25 Million In Investment

As 2021 draws to a close, Missouri Partnership is taking a look back at some of Missouri’s biggest stories in economic development from the past year. In August, Ostara St. Louis, ... Read More

Benson Hill Opens New Agtech Innovation Facility in St. Louis

Benson Hill, a St. Louis, Missouri-based agtech company, recently opened a new innovation facility in the heart of the 39 North Agtech Innovation District, which the company says will massively expand ... Read More

Site Selection: Agtech is a Natural for Missouri

Plowing as it has through the pandemic, Missouri agtech startup Benson Hill has managed to till the soil for what looks to be a bountiful future. Over a rapid-fire series of ... Read More