Economic Partnership A Natural Fit For Missouri & U.K.

Missouri and the U.K. are natural economic partners. Don’t believe me? Ask Missouri Partnership’s Vice President of Market Strategies and U.K. native, Mark Sutherland. In a recent article he wrote, “For ... Read More

Governor Greitens Welcomes Another Israeli Agtech Expansion in Missouri

Atomation, an Israeli agtech company announced plans to expand in St. Louis, Missouri. The company is the fifth Israeli agtech company to choose Missouri, in recent years, as the best place ... Read More

Do You Know Missouri’s Columbia And Jefferson City Region?

Missouri has many different and distinct regions, and at its center is one of the most vibrant of them all. The Columbia and Jefferson City region of Missouri sits at the ... Read More

Missouri’s Monsanto & Bayer To Create 3,000+ Agtech Jobs

Missouri-based agtech company Monsanto Co. and Bayer AG announced in a joint statement their plans to spend $16 billion on research and development over the next six years. In addition to ... Read More

Argentinean Agtech Company Expands in Missouri

AgIdea, a contract research and development (R&D) company based in Pergamino, Argentina, is expanding in Missouri after selecting the state as the home of its North American headquarters. “Missouri is a ... Read More

Colombian Agtech Company Uses Missouri as US Launch Point

Two years ago next month, Claudia Barona and Andrés Benavides moved 2,500 miles to pursue their entrepreneurial dream – expanding their company Lifepack into the US market. Thanks to Missouri programs ... Read More

Missouri’s Monsanto Investing $1.5B in Agtech Research in 2017

“We are very clearly entering a new era in agriculture,” Monsanto CEO Hugh Grant said on January 5. Fifteen years ago, Monsanto Co., a global agtech company focused on delivering agricultural ... Read More

Missouri Agtech Company Creating Year Round Revenue Stream for Farmers

Missouri-based agtech company Arvegenix is finding innovative new ways to help Missouri farmers make money and maintain productivity during the offseason. The company is a leading developer of Field Pennycress that ... Read More

Video: Missouri is the Global Agtech Leader

Missouri is the global leader in agtech and gateway to the future of advanced farming. Our agtech industry is leading the way with innovative technology and research that is transforming agriculture.   ... Read More

Missouri Has Another Great Year In 2016, Primed For Continued Growth

Missouri’s economy had another great year in 2016. According to the Department of Economic Development, Missouri saw 46 major investments totaling more than $725 million in 2016, creating more than 3,300 ... Read More