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Finding the right location for your organization is no different than finding the perfect home to raise your family. You need a space that nurtures your needs, accommodate spacing requirements, and allows you to grow your organization in a way that makes sense for your long-term goals. With Missouri Partnership, our comprehensive approach to business expansion site selection and relocation allows your organization the opportunity to grow as you see fit, without restrictions imposed by where you work. We believe that foundation is everything—where you build your next location is where you build your future, and our team has the resources available to make your entire transition as simple as possible.

Collaborative Approach

How could we claim to be the “Show Me” state without throwing our weight behind that saying? At Missouri Partnership, we want to show you why your expansion efforts should start and end right here. We bear one of the lowest corporate income tax rates in the USA (4% starting January 2020), ranking us 2nd lowest in the U.S. among states that collect corporate income taxes. In addition, there are plenty of diverse attractions that really illustrate the beauty of our state.

Our Business Expansion and Site Selection solutions include:

Make your next move the best one yet.

Missouri Partnership will help you find the perfect home for your organization.

Get the Support of the Whole State

There’s a reason why the word “Partnership” is in our name. Whether it’s communicating with the mayor’s office, collaborating with local communities, connecting with land owners and utilities, or working alongside the Department of Economic Development or the Department of Natural Resources, we do everything in our power to make sure that you’re in the best position possible to hit the ground running as soon as you open your new facility. Finding the right location is about more than just choosing the first place off the top of your head—in Missouri, we have so much to offer for your organization.

Rely On the Best for a Simple Transition

When it comes to choosing a new location for your organization, there are so many factors in play. You need to make sure that you’re in the best position possible, no matter how many balls are in the air. With Missouri, our team takes the time to make your entire transition as smooth as possible. We can make your next expansion your most strategic expansion yet. We provide resources that you actually need, for progress that you can actually see. Benefits of our service include:

  • Sound foundational support
  • Business risk mitigation
  • Global footprint expansion
  • Outstanding quality of life
  • In-place infrastructure
  • Industry-friendly consultation

Expand Your Business the Right Way and Call Missouri Partnership

We know that location truly is everything and when you are looking to expand your business, we believe there is no location better than Missouri. From natural beauty, to centrally-located transportation via road, rail or waterways, diverse culture, highly-skilled talent, and friendly-welcoming faces, Missouri is a great place to call home. Call us today and we can show you how Missouri aligns with your company goals, how our state is a natural choice for new markets and new opportunities, and how the Gateway to the West can also be the gateway to your business’s future.

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