Brewer Science tapped to develop new technology for military


Brewer Science Wednesday announced a new cooperative agreement at Missouri State University’s Jordan Valley Innovation Center for developing and commercializing new nanotechnology with a wide range of applications to protect servicemen and servicewomen in the U.S. military.

“For nearly 35 years, Brewer Science has been on the leading edge of creating technologies that impact your lives in seen and unseen ways,” said Dr. Terry Brewer, president and founder of Brewer Science.

“With this program, we will be paving the way for the development and use of nanotechnologies that minimize environmental impact while maximizing benefits for U.S. military, industry and consumers, including potential applications in sensor technology, biomedical monitoring, energy, displays, lighting and lightweight ultra-strong composites,” Brewer said.

This program is unique in that academia, industry and government organizations will work in cooperation to use the Brewer Science sensor platform as a development case study to create new approaches, knowledge and tools that address environmental, health and safety concerns.

In addition, this program will help develop regulatory requirements and decrease risk related to product liability. The outcome of this program will be stronger decision-making tools that increase feasibility and decrease time to market of safe, effective, leading-edge technology products.

[Rolla Daily News]