Avis Chooses “Most Connected City On Earth” To Test Wireless Car Fleet

Avis Budget Group Inc., a global rental car company, announced its plans to launch its first fleet of cars that are fully connected to the internet, other vehicles, and to the car rental company via wireless technology, in Kansas City, Missouri, as it seeks to enhance its fleet-management services.

Avis’ first “Mobility Lab” will connect all 5,000 cars in its Kansas City fleet, and share live data with the city from those vehicles so it can sharpen computerized traffic flow models, and collaborate on ways to improve tourists’ experiences. Connected cars will allow Avis customers to manage their rental through an app, including locking and unlocking car doors, or honking the vehicle’s horn to locate their car.

Kansas City’s Chief Innovation Officer Bob Bennett, said Avis’ connected car fleet will augment the city’s wireless network covering 54 contiguous blocks. Bennett recently hailed Kansas City as the “most connected city on earth.”

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