Automotive Software Company Announces Plans to Relocate HQ to Kansas City, Missouri

ProMax, an automotive software company, has announced plans to relocate its headquarters to Kansas City, Missouri.

“Kansas City has become the Midwestern mecca for automotive software, so there’s a lot of talent here,” ProMax CEO Mike Dullea said. “There’s a lot of people here that understand what we do, from programming to sales to operations. It’s just a great market if you’re in automotive software.”

ProMax, which serves thousands of dealerships, opened a 30,000 square foot Kansas City office in late December, and employs 30 people locally. ProMax plans to reach 150 local employees in tech, marketing and sales roles this year.

Dullea was previously the CEO of AutoAlert and remains a partner in the Kansas City-based company. Although both AutoAlert and ProMax provide software for dealerships, their core offerings focus on different things. AutoAlert specializes in data mining, and ProMax is changing its core offering from customer relationship management to a customer experience management platform.

AutoAlert announced plans to move its headquarters to Kansas City, Missouri, in 2017.

Moving forward, ProMax wants to be the market leader in customer experience management in the automotive industry, Dullea said. And Kansas City is the perfect place to achieve that goal.

“Several of the biggest companies in automotive software are in Kansas City right now. It’s kind of a hidden secret, unless you’re in automotive,” he said. “Three of the top five automotive software companies are in Kansas City now, and we’re going to make it four when we get going.”

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