American Grass is Looking Greener to International Manufacturers

A decade ago, articles about American manufacturers outsourcing to places like China and India choked the headlines. This mass exodus significantly affected the U.S. economy and still does: To date, we have at least 5.1 million fewer in-country manufacturing positions available to skilled laborers than we did just 16 years ago.

Steve Johnson, CEO, Missouri Partnership

But all is not lost for America, according to Steve Johnson, CEO, Missouri Partnership.

In an article published in Supply & Demand Chain Executive Steve wrote: In true “pick ourselves up by the bootstraps” fashion, we’re reclaiming those lost jobs by the hundreds of thousands; even better, as outsourcing loses its luster, we can expect that total to grow.

The years have taken a toll on countless companies wooed by the lure of offshoring, but the low-cost foreign labor force of the early 2000s is no longer the status quo. It’s been replaced by increased labor and energy costs overseas, not to mention a growing demand for “Made in America” products

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