Advanced Manufacturing Company Expands, Adds 300 Jobs In Missouri

Quaker Window Products, Co., a leader in the window and door manufacturing industry, recently announced plans to expand with a new facility in Eldon, Missouri. The company plans to invest up to $65 million in the region over the next 6-10 years, and the expansion is expected to add 300 new jobs to the region.

“We love it when homegrown Missouri businesses choose to continue growing in our state,” said Missouri Governor Mike Parson. “To make this project happen, it took a lot of collaboration between state and local partners, across workforce, economic development and government. We want to thank everyone who was at the table, working for this business and the community of Eldon.”

Quaker Window Products’ current operations in Missouri consist of corporate offices along with wood, vinyl, aluminum window and door manufacturing facilities located on two campuses in Freeburg, Missouri. The company currently has more than 900 employees and produces a variety of residential and commercial window and door products that are delivered nationwide.

“Quaker has had a great experience working with State officials, the Missouri Department of Economic Development and the City of Eldon to make this project possible,” said Quaker Window Products CEO Kevin Blansett. “We are excited to not only be bringing new jobs to the region, but long-term career opportunities to the people of Eldon and surrounding communities as we grow together.”

Pivotal in the company’s decision was the availability of a quality workforce, which prompted significant involvement on behalf of the local public school district. The Eldon Career Center will be partnering with Quaker to offer apprenticeships for high school juniors and seniors, with the goal of transitioning students into full time employment and careers with the company.

“Our vision is to create a community that our kids want to come back home to,” said Matt Davis, Superintendent of Eldon Schools. “We know if we provide them with the right skill set, they will be able to get a starting job at Quaker that pays more than the current median household income in Eldon. This opportunity will improve the quality of life for our kids and families.”

Missouri is a center for advanced manufacturing excellence, supported by a cost competitive, pro-business and innovative environment, exceptional talent, extensive training programs, access to raw materials, and a globally connected infrastructure. Missouri is a world leader in aerospace and automotive manufacturing, and offers traditional and non-traditional training options for workers and companies that allows employers to recruit a workforce that is customized to fit their needs.

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