Advanced Manufacturer Relocates from California to Union, Missouri

RANAR Screen Printing Equipment, Inc., an advanced manufacturer of high-performance screen printing equipment, recently announced plans to invest in Union, Missouri. RANAR is coming to Missouri after more than 50 years of operation in southern California, and its investment here is expected to create 8 new jobs in the region.

“RANAR Screen Printing Equipment’s relocation to Union is great news for our state,” said Missouri Governor Mike Parson. “It’s important to attract new employers to our state while helping ensure the continued growth of existing businesses and communities. We welcome this company to Missouri and look forward to seeing it succeed.”

“We are proud to be helping to bring quality jobs and companies like RANAR to Missouri,” said Mark Birk, chairman and president of Ameren Missouri. “It’s another example of how Ameren Missouri’s Smart Energy Plan is supporting economic development and powering growth in the region.”

In addition to adding new jobs, the company plans to make significant investments in new machinery and equipment. RANAR’s investment will ensure readiness for the company’s continued growth. Missouri’s tax exemptions for manufacturers ensure that machinery, equipment, and energy directly used to manufacture a product ultimately intended for sale is exempt from state sales tax and local use tax. Ameren also offers qualified businesses an average 40 percent discount from base rates that are already below Midwest and national averages.

“Manufacturing facilities have been leaving Missouri for years,” said RANAR Vice President Jeremy Bright. “We are proud to help reverse that trend by increasing manufacturing jobs in Missouri and the U.S. overall.”

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