Advanced Manufacturer Opens New Facility in Missouri

Central Service & Supply, Inc., an advanced manufacturer headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa, recently opened its second U.S. facility in Macon, Missouri. The company has been in business for more than 40 years. They manufacture equipment that’s used in the rock quarry and mining industries. Central Service & Supply’s team announced plans to open their first facility in Missouri in March 2019, and they recently cut the ribbon at their new 12,000+ sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Macon.

“We’ve had great feedback from our customers and from the local community about us moving into this area,” said Jason Fox, Vice President of Central Service & Supply.

“They want new business in Macon,” said Duke Olinger, Warehouse Manager of Central Service & Supply.

Longtime Macon resident Duke Olinger is one of a handful of people who were hired at the new facility. Duke retired from his role as Macon’s Police Chief a few years ago and has been working in a nearby town ever since. He’s excited for this new job opportunity in his hometown.

“I felt separated from the community, so by coming back to Macon and being a part of the community again, this is what I wanted. Macon’s been good to me and I just wanted to get back into the community,” said Olinger.

Company executives say the talent pool runs deep in this region.

“We’ve been very, very excited about the level of talent we were able to get in those positions. And it was a tough decision across the board on who we were going to hire because we felt there were so many quality candidates that we interviewed,” said Fox.

In addition to Macon’s workforce, opening a new facility in this region made sense logistically.

“I think the location itself, with Highway 63 and 36 being two pretty good corridors, for this portion of the state, that played a large portion in us choosing Macon,” said Fox.

With a welcoming community and a workforce that meets their needs, Macon, Missouri, is sure to be a great location for Central Service & Supply to succeed.

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