Advanced Manufacturer Establishes U.S. Headquarters in Missouri

DigiCan Printing, an advanced manufacturer specializing in custom beverage cans, recently announced plans to invest more than $8.6 million to establish its U.S. headquarters in St. Charles, Missouri. DigiCan plans to create 25 jobs in the area with plans to add more jobs in the future.

“We are excited to welcome this innovative company to the state of Missouri,” said Governor Mike Parson. “DigiCan Printing’s decision to locate its headquarters in St. Charles is great news for both the local community and the entire state, and we look forward to the opportunities this will create for Missourians moving forward.”

DigiCan Printing, first formed in June of 2020, is the result of decades of experience in the food and beverage industry. The company’s founders saw a need for an environmentally friendly option for decorated beverage cans and identified technology to provide a solution. With an emphasis on speed to market and sourcing Missouri-made materials, DigiCan also offers a wide selection of packaging supplies.

“DigiCan Printing is proud to have chosen Missouri as our home and national headquarters,” General Manager Jerry Serio said. “During such a challenging year, the warm welcome we’ve received has affirmed we made an excellent choice. The DigiCan team looks forward to getting to work and providing innovative solutions in digital printing that bring growth and opportunity to the St. Charles area and beyond.”

“We are excited to welcome DigiCan Printing to the City of Saint Charles,” Mayor Dan Borgmeyer said. “Their cutting-edge business model and dedication to their future are in line with our goals of economic growth for St. Charles City and the entire County. We look forward to working with them as they build their team here.”

“Companies like DigiCan know that Missouri is the right choice for jobs and investment,” said Missouri Director of Economic Development Rob Dixon. “This provides great opportunities for Missouri citizens, and it enhances our economy’s continued growth.”

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