AB Mauri Launches AB Biotek In Missouri

AB Mauri, an industry leader in yeast and bakery ingredient products, launched a new global business division, AB Biotek, in St. Louis, Missouri. AB Biotek will develop yeast solutions for the biofuel, liquor and nutrition industries.

“AB Biotek represents a new frontier for us,” John Evans, Vice President of Yeast Innovation at AB Biotek North America, said in a statement. “We are excited about the future of yeast innovation and look forward to developing and delivering our world-class fermentation solutions to a variety of fields here in the U.S. and Canada.”

AB Mauri North America is a baking technology company that delivers yeast and bakery ingredient solutions to commercial and artisan bakers. It’s based at the Cortex Innovation District. The company currently has 60 employees in Missouri, including 10 at AB Biotek.

“AB Mauri has a long history of providing leading-edge products to industrial customers outside of the bakery markets in other parts of the world,” said Greg Strauss, Senior Vice President, AB Biotek North America. “Now, with AB Biotek, we have a dedicated team focused on delivering high-quality products and solutions, coupled with superior technical collaboration with companies in the biofuel, alcohol beverage and nutrition industries.”

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