A Look Back: Owens Corning Awarded For Investment In Missouri

All month long Missouri Partnership is taking a look back at 31 of Missouri’s biggest stories in economic development from the past year. Today we take a look at Owens Corning’s affect on Missouri’s Joplin region.

Earlier this year Owens Corning, a global manufacturer of insulation, roofing and fiberglass composite, was awarded a CiCi Award for Community Impact by Trade and Industry Development magazine. The award came after the company invested more than $90 million in Joplin to purchase and fully equip a 303,000 square-foot facility for building material manufacturing.

“Our county has benefitted from a long manufacturing history at this location,” said County Commissioner Darius Adams. “Owens Corning’s decision to locate in this building not only breathes life back into a once vacant building, but it goes beyond with its substantial capital investment and creation of high-quality manufacturing jobs for the area.”

More than 100 people are now working at the plant, which became fully operational this year.

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