$8 Billion In Development Is Reshaping This Missouri City

“There is almost $8 billion in development going on in the core of St. Louis — right now — and few people know about it,” said John Dubinsky, chairman of Stifel Bank & Trust and founder and former chairman of the Cortex Innovation Community.

This was the news shared in a recent article in the St. Louis Business Journal.

More than $7.9 billion in projects are recently completed or underway from the Gateway Arch to Washington University. They include more than $300 million at Washington University’s Danforth Campus, $500 million in Forest Park Southeast and the Central West End, $1 billion at Saint Louis University, and $1.3 billion at Cortex and the surrounding neighborhood.

Downtown projects include the $385 million Gateway Arch renovation, the $260 million Ballpark Village Phase II, and Union Station Aquarium and Jefferson Arms Building renovation, each a $100 million investment. And none of that is including the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency’s expansion in north St. Louis, estimated to be a $1.75 billion project.

“In my career as an architect, I have never seen so much activity in a concentrated area,” said Steve Smith, who founded the development company Lawrence Group 35 years ago. “What is going on today — $8 billion — will transform the face of St. Louis to the world.”

Check out the full article on the growth in St. Louis here.

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