7 Takeaways from Missouri Chamber’s Technology2030 Report

The Missouri 2030 initiative from the Missouri Chamber Foundation is a plan to prepare the workforce, foster a competitive business climate, connect through infrastructure, unite the business community and protect health and safety. As part of this initiative, the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Technology2030 report identifies the state’s tech industry strengths that include overall and manufacturing job growth. Here are seven key takeaways regarding Missouri’s technology economy. 

  1. Missouri ranks among the top 15 states in six performance indicators: 
  • Total Tech Industry Diversity Index (2022) – 6th
  • Expected Energy Tech Job Change (2023-2028) – 6th
  • Tech Manufacturing Job Change (2017-2022) – 10th
  • Expected Tech Manufacturing Job Change (2023-2028) – 10th
  • Percentage of Women in the Total Tech Industry Workforce (2022) – 12th
  • Expected Environmental Tech Job Change (2023-2028) – 13th
  1. Missouri is a top 10 state in tech manufacturing job growth: Building on its manufacturing heritage, Missouri has emerged as a top performer in tech manufacturing job growth, solidifying its position for continued success in this sector.
  2. Missouri is seeing explosive tech growth: Missouri’s tech industry has experienced significant growth over the past decade, surpassing the national average. This growth trend is expected to continue into the next decade. 
  3. The tech industry is a substantial contributor to Missouri’s economy: Employing nearly 159,000 people and generating approximately $38 billion in gross state product in 2022, Missouri’s growing tech industry will continue to contribute to Missouri’s diverse and stable economy in the coming years. 
  4. Missouri’s tech sector expansion has led to the creation of high-paying jobs: With average earnings per tech worker significantly higher than the state average across all industries, Missouri is supplying well-paying jobs with well-qualified workers. 
  5. Missouri’s tech sector is fostering diversity and inclusivity: Ranking among the top states for tech workforce diversity and female participation in the industry, Missouri is a top state for workforce diversity and inclusivity.
  6. Missouri is committed to innovation: Missouri remains committed to leveraging its strengths, analyzing trends, and fostering a supportive business climate to drive innovation and propel the tech sector forward.

Missouri’s tech industry is a vital component of the state’s economy, with promising growth prospects and a commitment to innovation and inclusivity. By addressing challenges and capitalizing on opportunities, Missouri aims to solidify its position as a leader in the technology landscape.

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