Missouri’s Underground Facilities Offer Unique Business Environment


Hundreds of feet below Missouri are caves teaming with life.

But not the life you might imagine. We’re talking about Missouri IT and tech talent, working beneath our feet, as more and more companies look to the Springfield Underground as a unique, cost-effective, secure and adaptable environment for their businesses.

Located 100 feet below Springfield, Missouri, the underground has more than 2.4 million square-feet of developed space with an additional 3 million ready to be filled.

Springfield Underground remains at a constant 62 degrees, is train-served and accessible by truck making it an ideal location for food storage and processing, data and distribution centers.

Tenants include Kraft Foods, Bluebird Network LLC, Dairy Farmers of America, Associated Wholesale Grocers and Hiland Dairy.  The facility includes underground parking, roadways for easy transportation and navigation, and access to reliable, environmentally-friendly utilities.

For a more in-depth look at the Springfield Underground check out KOLR TV’s news segment highlighting the facility.