Foreign Companies Choose Missouri To Launch In U.S.

Missouri is an ideal strategic location for international companies looking to enter and grow in the U.S.

We understand that relocating or expanding into a new area can be daunting and even challenging at times. With so many different risk factors and potential challenges it is important to make sure you choose a state with a long history of actively working to reduce your company’s risks.

In Missouri, we reduce risks through first-class support and site selection assistance. Our team is committed to your success and works statewide to find the best solutions for your unique business goals and challenges. Think of us as your business expansion concierge service.

Missouri has a statewide commitment to business attraction and business growth. What that means, is that we are ready to work with you to make the journey from the initial site search to the day you open for business as risk free, painless and efficient as possible.

Cities and towns across Missouri have regularly been the location of choice for many foreign-owned companies looking to enter the US market or expand to a location that allows them to reach all of North America effectively and efficiently. Some of the recent international companies to expand in Missouri include CertainTeed, Pomerol Partners, Hartmann US and Nammo AS.

Missouri is home to many global businesses, due in part to our ability to get your goods anywhere in the world via river, rail, road and air. And for companies looking to engage in foreign trade, Missouri’s three foreign trade zones are spread throughout the state allowing easy access.

Missouri is centrally located in the U.S.

Centrally located in the U.S., Missouri is a booming epicenter of commerce, and you can send your goods anywhere in the world via our international airports, extensive river barge infrastructure or on any of the U.S. Class 1 railroads. Additionally, Missouri’s central location allows you to reach more than 50% of the continental US in less than one-day’s drive, and most of the rest within two.

There’s an old saying that you are judged by the company you keep. With that in mind, Missouri is proud to be home to many world-class companies.

From global leaders in agtech, such as Monsanto and the Danforth Plant Science Center, to advanced manufacturing leaders including Boeing, Ford, GM and Harley Davidson, to financial services powerhouses Wells Fargo Advisors and H&R Block, Missouri is impacting the globe every day.

Recently, more than a dozen tech companies from Israel and Ireland toured St. Louis, Missouri, and several now consider Missouri as the prime spot in the U.S. to launch there business.

For more information on why Missouri could be a prime location to launch or grow your business, contact Steve Johnson, CEO of Missouri Partnership, at 314.725.2688 or via our contact form, with any questions you might have, and learn how Missouri Partnership can help with your business expansion and investment needs.

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