Information Technology

Jim McKelvey Talks About Square – Past, Present and Future

Jim McKelvey, who cofounded Square with Twitter’s Jack Dorsey in St. Louis, Missouri, talks about how Square began, the talent challenges and solutions, and the impact of the Cortex Innovation Community ... Read More

How Missouri is Filling the Talent Pipeline

In Missouri, we are aggressively filling our talent pipeline in new and creative ways. And a lot of that is thanks to Jim McKelvey.  Missouri is proud of McKelvey, and Jack ... Read More

Virgin Mobile Selects Kansas City As Site For New Headquarters

Virgin Mobile, a major mobile communications company has selected Kansas City, Missouri, as the site for its new headquarters. Virgin Mobile cited the region’s talented workforce as the primary factor for ... Read More

Missouri Tech Startup Expands, Brings World-class Training to Missouri Talent

Missouri-based tech startup Varsity Tutors opened their new 20,000 square foot facility in Clayton, Missouri, on June 16, with a ribbon cutting ceremony. Varsity Tutors, is an online learning platform that ... Read More

NGA Finalizes Deal to Remain in Missouri

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency finalized the deal to remain in Missouri, building its new $1.7 billion western headquarters on a 100-acre site in north St. Louis. “This is a proud day ... Read More

Kansas City claims title of “Most Connected City on Earth”

Kansas City is now the most connected city on Earth, according to the city’s chief innovation officer. The Missouri city claimed the title after Sprint Corporation launched its free Wi-Fi along ... Read More

Kansas City en route to become the most wired, wireless city in the world

Google will begin testing wireless broadband internet capabilities in Kansas City metro areas via targeted radio spectrums to provide fast, available internet to communities not currently served by Google Fiber. Four ... Read More

New high-tech IT startup Fishtech Labs investing $10.2 million in Kansas City, creating 50 jobs

Gov. Jay Nixon today announced that a new startup, Fishtech Labs LLC, is investing $10.2 million in a headquarters facility in the Martin City area of south Kansas City, where it ... Read More

Missouri Companies Are Fixing the IT Talent Shortage

With the lowest unemployment numbers since 2008 it would seem that the US job market is on the rebound. However, in the Information Technology sector jobs are going unfilled every day. ... Read More

CenturyLink to add jobs at new St. Louis development center

CenturyLink, the Louisiana-based cloud and IT services company, opened a new development center near its Town & Country-based co-location and hosting operations. The new 46,000-square-foot center, on the fourth floor of ... Read More