Business Leaders Should Look To Farmers For Tomorrow’s Tech Innovations

The word “technology” likely conjures up a shining image of Silicon Valley in most people’s minds — but tomorrow’s tech innovations aren’t relegated to what’s happening in the Bay Area. These modernizations are also happening close to home, in the nation’s farms that provide food, feed, fuel, and fiber for global consumers and clientele.

Steve Johnson, CEO, Missouri Partnership, recently discussed the growing agtech industry in an article on

“Self-driving vehicles? Check. Drones? Check. Big data? Check,” said Johnson. “Yes, high-tech upgrades have already improved the agricultural industry, expanding production and enriching sustainability efforts. Where it ultimately goes depends on the creativity of the leaders in the field.”

Steve Johnson, CEO, Missouri Partnership

With the agtech bandwagon growing, climbing aboard is as simple as taking three actions, according to Johnson.

Read his full article here, or learn more about Missouri’s role as the global leader in agtech on our industry page.

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