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Missouri's business advantages – An automatic boost for growing companies

Missouri is home to 10 Fortune 500 companies and just as many of America’s Largest Private Companies as designated by Forbes. While we celebrate each one of our big name businesses, we are equally committed to seeing others join their ranks.

Because let’s face it. It is all about growth. Missouri has maintained a solid business environment over time, and that helps companies that are new to the state plan for growth even before they get here. These three key strengths are putting the state on the short list of today’s companies: labor, logistics, and long-term business benefits. 



Missouri has more to offer than just a great business climate



Missouri has top-ranked schools



Missouri is a day's drive to many markets



Corporate income tax rankings in the Midwest

1. Labor

Missouri has the most valuable workforce you will find anywhere.

  • Missouri has a better educated workforce than most other states based on high school graduation rates (Education Week). This means our workers have the basic competencies to support advanced manufacturing and logistics. Companies in bio, energy, financial, IT, and health services benefit from outstanding talent and facilities at Missouri’s nearly 140 degree-granting institutions, including nationally ranked Washington University in St. Louis.
  • Missouri works for less—more than 8 percent less—than the average U.S. hourly wage (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)! This fact, coupled with the quality of the workforce, makes labor more valuable in Missouri than in any other state. 
  • But wait—there’s more! Missouri is unique for a Midwest state in that it has a workforce of more than 3 million. This is critically important for scalable industries, such IT and financial/professional services. 

2. Logistics

Missouri offers companies a combination of logistical benefits that truly affect the bottom line:

  • Located at the geographic and population centers of the U.S., Missouri helps companies reach most domestic markets in two days by land, three hours by air. Half of all U.S. households and half of all U.S. manufacturers are located within a single day’s drive.
  • If you rely on river, rail, road, or air to do business, our transportation network can make your business more cost effective. The two largest river systems in North America and two of the largest rail terminals give Missouri a one-two punch few other states can match. International air service and the 6th largest public road and highway system (Federal Highway Administration) round out the options for domestic and foreign-owned companies.

3. Long-term business benefits

For many corporate executives, a business relocation or expansion project is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. So it’s comforting to know that Missouri’s business environment has stood the test of time.

  • Missouri is a sound economic investment, having earned a AAA bond rating for 50 years. Only two other states can make that claim.
  • The Tax Foundation has consistently ranked Missouri in the top 10 for low corporate income taxes. This is rare for a Midwestern state.
  • As the fourth most diverse economy in the nation, Missouri is not affected by fluctuations in the marketplace to the degree that other states are.
  • Missouri’s streamlined incentives make it easier for companies to land in the "Show-Me" state. 

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