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The State of Missouri is SMR Ready

A company’s readiness to take on SMR technology depends 100% on the readiness of its nuclear partners to provide it.  Missouri has the players in place to take charge of the industry:  

AMEREN MISSOURI is a proven nuclear power provider with growing customer demand.
WESTINGHOUSE is the world leader in nuclear technology with 40% of the world’s nuclear market.
MISSOURI consistently ranks among the top pro-business states in the nation with low taxes and a large and capable manufacturing workforce. 

Together these three players make up THE MISSOURI CHARGE, building on the strengths of each for the safest, most streamlined and most economical deployment of SMR technology.

Missouri is market-ready

While it takes a forward-thinking company to invest in nuclear energy, it also requires a look back.  Missouri has a history not only of nuclear power, but of everything that supports it: engineering competence, fiscally sound governance, and supply chain dynamics.  Located in America’s heartland, Missouri offers multi-modal transportation to and from the fastest-growing national and international markets via Class I rail, the NAFTA corridor and the Mississippi River.

Ameren Missouri is license-ready

Already a proven player in the nuclear field, Ameren Missouri is in a unique position to advance the future of America’s power through the manufacture of SMRs.  Ameren Missouri is stepping up efforts to make SMR technology more readily available through aggressive economic development strategies and deployment sites.  The first U.S. utility to pursue a combined SMR-based construction and operating license, Ameren Missouri is a critical partner for the Missouri Charge.

Westinghouse is tech-ready

A world leader in nuclear technology with advanced SMR design and production capabilities, Westinghouse is poised to revolutionize the energy field. The Westinghouse SMR design will build on the previously licensed technology of the company’s AP1000, the first and only Generation III+ reactor to receive Design Certification from the U.S. NRC.  Westinghouse lends expertise in nuclear design, licensing, operations and maintenance – as well as the manufacturer of nuclear fuel – to the Missouri Charge.