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Business expansion incentives enhance your profitability

Missouri Works

Program benefits are (a) the retention of the state withholding tax of the new jobs and/or (b) state tax credits, which are refundable, transferable and/or saleable. Read More...

Sales Tax Exemption for Manufacturers

Provides an exemption to the state sales tax to qualifying manufacturing companies. Read More...

Data Center Sales Tax Exemption

Provides financial incentives to both new and existing data centers in Missouri. Read More...

Chapter 100 Sales Tax Exemption

Provide a sales tax exemption on tangible personal property purchased through Chapter 100 bonds for non-manufacturing purchases. Read More...

CDBG Industrial Infrastructure Grant

Assists local governments in the development of public infrastructure that allows industries to locate new facilities, expand existing facilities, prevent the closing of a facility or the relocation of a facility outside the state. Read More...


Provides a financial incentive for the location or expansion of large business projects. The incentives are designed to reduce necessary infrastructure and equipment expenses if a project can demonstrate a need for funding. Read More...

Manufacturing Jobs Act

The Missouri Manufacturing Jobs Act will allow qualified automotive manufacturing facilities or suppliers that bring next-generation production lines to Missouri to retain withholding taxes typically remitted to the state. Read More...

Action Fund Loan

Provides a loan to certain types of for-profit companies that need funds for start-up or expansion and have exhausted other sources. Read more...

Brownfield Redevelopment Tax Credits

Provides financial incentives for the redevelopment of commercial/industrial sites that are contaminated with hazardous substances and have been abandoned or underutilized for at least three years. Read More...

Chapter 353 Abatement

An incentive that can be utilized by cities to encourage the redevelopment of blighted areas by providing real property tax abatements. Read More...

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