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Missouri's advantages for data centers

Missouri is a great location for data centers. Here's why: 

  • Missouri has low-cost, reliable energy. Missouri's industrial electricity costs are lower than the U.S. average and Missouri's utilities are among the most reliable in the nation. Incentive programs from the state of Missouri and Missouri utilities can help data center companies further reduce energy costs.
  • Missouri has a dependable, redundant and diverse internet network infrastructure. Numerous Tier 1 providers have fiber backbone throughout the state – over 2,000 miles combined. Kansas City was the first community to receive Google Fiber. 
  • Missouri's stable natural environment provides a low-risk area for protecting your data. Located in the center of the country, Missouri is a low-risk state for acts of terrorism and has experienced no such events or any major disasters related to either hurricanes or earthquakes since record keeping began in 1957 (FEMA).
  • Missouri's transportation assets and central location mean quicker access to data and facilities. Missouri’s central location means quicker connections to both coasts. Missouri has some of the best and least congested transportation infrastructure in the United States, and the 6th largest public road and highway system.

These factors matter to companies that want to advance and expand.  And the Missouri Partnership can help you do that. Call us today at 314.725.0949 and talk to one of our Vice Presidents of Business Recruitment about living and working in the state of Missouri. Then click around our site to learn more. Here are a few links to get you started: