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Learn more about Missouri's advantages for call centers

The call center industry is growing in Missouri. Here's why: 

Missouri has the right workforce for call centers. With more than three million workers, Missouri has a greater talent pool than 20 other states, including most of its neighbors.

Missouri really is more pro-business than other Midwestern states. Missouri offers an exceptionally affordable business climate, earning a spot in Pollina's "top 10" five years in a row.

Missouri is an established leader in call centers and related operations. Many industries seeing growth in call centers and back office operations are already big in Missouri: Biosciences, Health Sciences and Services, Financial Services, and IT.

Missouri's central location and stable natural environment provide an ideal home for call centers. Missouri's central time zone allows companies to stretch the regular workday to conveniently service customers on both coasts.

Missouri has dependable power and internet network infrastructure. In 2014, Google announced Kansas City as the first city to test the new Google Fiber small business service, which provides about 100 times faster access than what most Americans have.

Download this extended brochure for a complete guide to call centers in Missouri.

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