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Learn more about Missouri's advantages for food processing.

The food processing industry is growing in Missouri. Here's why:

Missouri has a robust food manufacturing sector. Already home to over 130 food processing companies, Missouri has the resources to support many more.

Missouri's proximity to markets and agricultural output ensures quick access to customers and suppliers. Located in the heart of America's agricultural region, Missouri has the 2nd highest number of farms in the country.

Missouri's top-ranked transportation network is a dependable delivery system for perishable goods. With its centralized Midwest location, Missouri lies at the heart of a vast transportation network with direct connections to domestic and foreign markets.

Missouri has the talent to sustain food processing companies. Food manufacturing makes up over 15 percent of all manufacturing employment in Missouri.

Missouri's business environment is suited for companies looking to lead the industry. With its vast water resources, along with some of the lowest taxes, energy rates and gas prices in the country, Missouri is positioned to shape the future of the food processing industry.

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