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Learn more about Missouri's advantages for distribution and logistics

The distribution and logistics industry is growing in Missouri. Here's why:

1. Location: Missouri puts you closer to your customers and suppliers.

Missouri is within one day of half of all U.S. households and manufacturing establishments—as well as eight of the nation’s top 20 fastest growing metro populations—and has single railroad access to Mexico and the West Coast.

2. Infrastructure: Missouri’s top-ranked transportation network can get your product to market faster and cheaper.

With rail access to both coasts, ports along the Mississippi river and lock-free access to the Gulf of Mexico, two airports supporting international traffic, and one of the largest public road and highway systems in the nation, Missouri provides efficient, low-cost shipping to many markets.

3. Companies: Missouri “gets” distribution centers. Look who’s here!

Walmart, Dollar General, General Mills, Toys R Us, Kraft Foods, and Rawlings all have distribution centers in Missouri, and recently added or expanded centers in the state include Ceva Animal Health, Community Wholesale Tire,, Green Supply, Orgill,, and Walmart.

4. Business-friendly: Missouri is more cost-competitive than other Midwestern states.

Missouri’s regular gasoline diesel prices were the 2nd lowest in the U.S.; the state also had the 4th lowest diesel tax in 2015.

5. Workforce: Missouri knows logistics.

With almost 300,000 workers in the transportation and logistics industry, Missouri’s growing, diverse population is a strong point of difference among other Midwest states—and median hourly wages in Missouri are lower than wages in 32 other states.


Download this extended brochure for a complete guide to distribution centers in Missouri. 

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