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Missouri Announced Projects List 2015


2015 Project List

Please let us know if there were any other announced projects in your community that aren't on this list but that meet the qualification criteria. We just need the company name; number of jobs being created; capital investment; transaction type (e.g. new construction, renovation/purchase of existing building; or lease of existing office/industrial building); square footage of new construction, renovation, or leased space (if applicable); and a link to a press release related to the project (if available). 

Just so you know what it takes to be counted as a qualifying project, here are the criteria put out by Site Selection.  Project types that do not qualify include restaurants; financial service company or bank branches (though headquarters and administrative/back-office operations will qualify if meeting the general qualification criteria); and retail, including shopping malls.

Please direct your questions/responses to Leah Hill, Research Manager for the Missouri Partnership, at

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